Lefkada – a paradise island in the Ionian Sea

This year my and my wife we decided to visit Lefkada. Lefkada a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, which is situated between Kedelonia and Corfu. The island is connected with Akarnania mainland with a 50-meters floating bridge, which makes it the island with the easiest access as you are not dependent with a ferry... Continue Reading →

Eating in Iceland

As I mentioned in some previous posts I am a food lover. Iceland is quite expensive, so we try to reduce our visits to restaurants and eating food mainly bought from the supermarkets. Several times we did picnic on the grass and it was great. 😊 I can say that you definitely have to try... Continue Reading →

My 5 favorite destinations in Iceland

In mid-June 2017 I had the chance to do 8-day road trip around Iceland with my wife and a friend family. First, I will tell you something about Iceland. Iceland is one of the youngest ground structures on Earth. It is created by volcano eruptions and the land is still growing. A constant process of... Continue Reading →

Spending less than three hours in Zurich, Switzerland.

On our way back from Iceland we had a long transfer time of about 5 hours at the Zurich airport and we decided to go to visit the town. With the train, it takes exactly 10 minutes to go from the airport to the Central Train Station - Hauptbahnhof (Zurich HB). The train in Switzerland... Continue Reading →

Spending a long weekend with my family in Lyon

During my business trip in Lyon I had a free weekend in Lyon. My wife arrived with my child to spend a long weekend with me. They arrived on Friday and we have a nice walk in the Vieux Lyon. We had a good, sunny weather and we had a nice walk (you can also... Continue Reading →

After-congress recreation

In the end of May 2017, we were organizing a congress in a see town in Bulgaria, called Nessebar. It was a quite big congress with more than 550 participants. On Sunday after the program was finished and all the participant have left, we had some free time. Instead of having a rest – it... Continue Reading →

Les Trois Vallees: one week in the freeride paradise

As a passionate winter sport lover, each year I spend a week snowboarding and skiing in the Alpes. It is always a great trip that I eagerly await the hole year. We are a group of 15-20 friends and each year we gather from different parts of Europe for a week of active sport and... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to taste typical French food in Lyon – you won’t regret it

The French are famous for their food and wine and their fame is well deserved. On the other hand, the city Lyon is recognized as the gastronomic capital of France and the world. Because of Lyon’s geographical location, many different culinary influences have converged in the city’s cuisine. The typical place to eat in Lyon... Continue Reading →

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