Spending less than three hours in Zurich, Switzerland.

On our way back from Iceland we had a long transfer time of about 5 hours at the Zurich airport and we decided to go to visit the town. With the train, it takes exactly 10 minutes to go from the airport to the Central Train Station – Hauptbahnhof (Zurich HB).
The train in Switzerland are quite fancy. In the first class, you even have a train buffet and a place where you can sit and have a drink. As your trip was only 10 minutes, we missed this opportunity.

When you arrive at Hauptbahnhof and go out of the station you can see an enormous number of bicycles parked everywhere, which shows that the city is a bike-friendly place.

If you exit on the North side of the station, you will find yourself in from of the National Museum of Zurich, where you can see the Swiss cultural history in a fairy-tale castle.

As we didn’t have much time, we took to road to the South in direction to the Lake Zurich or Zurichsee.  We walk down the beautiful narrowed street of the old town.

Where are each corner you can find some beautiful view – like the tower clock of St. Peter’s Church, which is the largest tower clock face in Europe with its 8,7 meters.

Or a cholate shop that makes you want to taste all the chocolates on the window.

We arrived at the place in front of Fraumünster Church where it turned out that there was some kind of bazar with traditional foods and drinks. There was an antient cloth hooded man, playing on a harp.

A blacksmith workshop, where people could try to create objects from wrought iron.

In the West side of the place there was an interesting fountain situated in front of beautiful old style Swiss houses.

In the East side of the place, just in front of the river, there were two guard, dressed in blue and white, that were protecting the whole event.

On the bank of Limmat river, which commences at the outfall of Lake Zurich, I was astonished to find a crowded artificial beach.

It turned out that there is an old tradition of sunbathing in Zurich as we even found a statue of a girl sunbathing.

And we arrived at the Lake Zurich. It is a big lake with a length of 40 kilometers and a maximum length of 3 kilometers. As it was a sunny Sunday, the lake was full of all kind of different boats – from sailboats, small on person motor boat to huge yacht. It was visible that the people in Zurich adore using the lake for recreation. And the view of the blue lake full of boat and the white Alps on the back was amazing.

On our way back to the train station, we stopped for a lunch at a small restaurant on the river bank.

We took a Fondue – a Swiss national dish of melted cheese served in a pot over a portable stove heated with a spirit lamp which is eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.

After a short lunch, we took the train back to the airport and we arrived on time for our plan back home.
In conclusion, we spent 2 hours and 17 minutes in the center of Zurich, we saw many things and we even had a delicious lunch, so it was totally worth it.

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