On a congress in Orlando, Florida

In June 2016, I went to a Congress in Orlando, Florida. As maybe you have red in the “About me” section, I am a Master of Pharmacy and I work in the Pharmaceutical industry. I was on this international congress with two Professors from my country. It was a huge congress, with more than 5000 participants from all over the World. The program was quite intense, but I still had so free time to walk around Orlando.

The weather in Orlando in June is hot. The outside temperature was between 35-40°C (95-104°F). On the other hand, the temperature in the Congress Center and in the hotels it was below 20°C (68°F). When you are entering in a building from the outside – the temperature difference is dramatic. The shock for the body is drastic and if you are not use to it you can easily get sick.

Orlando was built around the Disney World park. The area is muddy, full of swamps and crocodiles. But the weather is good during the hole year and many Americans from the North states prefer to spend their winter time in a hot and sunny climate. And that’s how the area was developed during the years. In the areas, there are many attractions – Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Legoland and many more Roller-coaster and Aqua parks. And all the parks are constantly crowded. Unfortunately, when you are on a congress with sophisticated professors of a certain age you cannot take them to an Aqua park or Amusement park.

2016-07-24 15.02.34
There are many attractions in every corner of the city. You can see an upside-down house.

2016-07-28 14.52.07
Orlando Eye – a 120 m (400 ft.) tall giant Ferris wheel.

2016-07-28 14.29.17
and all other kind of attractions.

2016-07-28 14.32.51
The dimensions in Orlando, and in America in general are enormous.

2016-07-24 12.41.44

They have huge roads, huge cars and the distances are vast.

2016-07-26 09.25.22
Being near the ocean Orlando can offer a great variety of sea food. You can find restaurant that serves different sea food and you can have a huge portion of lobster, shrimps, and crabs for a normal price.

2016-07-26 13.17.24
We went to a Brazilian restaurant. For a tax of 50$ you can eat as much meat as you can (no drinks included). And there are all kind of high quality meat – pork, beef, chicken, sausages – and it is prepared in rare, medium, and well-done. All the time the waiters are passing on your table, with different kind of meat and are proposing you to taste. For me, as a food lover, it was a great experience.

2016-07-24 12.41.45
As a Hard Rock fan, I couldn’t miss the Hard Rock café.

2016-07-24 15.09.54
The interior was typical but there was a big, pink Cadillac over the central bar of the restaurant.

2016-07-24 15.18.27
One of the evening there was a networking dinner in Disney World. So, we had the possibility to walk around a small part of the park and watch the fireworks, that takes place every day at 20:00. As expected the park was crowded. You can see people from 1 to 99 years of age. Everybody was happy, having fun and relaxing during his holiday.

2016-07-26 20.39.16
You can easy meet many of Disney’s characters and have a photo with them.

2016-07-25 19.36.43
We also went in Orlando Downtown. We had a walk in the park of Lake Eola Park. The lake is famous for its fountain.

2016-07-28 17.18.31

The park is a good place to spend an afternoon, hiding under the trees from the hot June sun.

2016-07-28 17.26.15
In the park, there a freely walking wild animals and you can see squirrels, turtles, and swamps.

2016-07-28 17.24.24

2016-07-28 17.27.06
Orlando Downtown has also its Bike police.

2016-07-28 18.31.45
Orlando is a nice place to spend a vacation and I would definitely come back with my wife and child to feel this vacation spirit. 😊

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